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We started A.D.A.M because we’ve seen a lot of sites with considerable contents are not favorable; poor and archaic visual design, sluggish upload speed, a dearth of quality images and a dozen different windows all grapple for spot and attention. All these can be a hassle for the reader and so do we are. Then we arise with a notion to establish a site without all those disputes.

Along the way, we wish to frame one of the finest sites ever seen in the internet past and also congregate exquisite author from any sides of the earth. We conclude nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘We’re possible’.

At A.D.A.M, we hold there is a better way to do what we love to do the most. A more beneficial, less nosy where we earned rather than just read others materials. We’re wistful about it, and our mission is to be the hub for valuable readable news and articles. Last but not least, we are from Malaysia.



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