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Calendar Virus: How To Completely Remove It

Calendar Virus

How to remove Calendar Virus from your iPhone

Calendar virus is a mobile scam campaign that creates calendar events on Apple iOS (which is the current one is iOS 14) devices, so clicking on them can create issues. It is not really a virus, more like a spam to be accurate, but still it is dangerous. It was started in the year 2020.

It is also a threat that gets on iPhone (currently I’m using iPhone 7 and 8 Plus) systems to use the scamming techniques that help to trick mobile Apple users into clicking or subscribe on ad-like events. It’s a non-typical member of the iPhone virus family as this particular scheme has been programmed to target the Calendar app directly by filling it with fake even links, which keep displaying notifications when the scheduled time exceeds.

Each notification or alert pop up contains a link, a short description like says I have a virus or “It’s your lucky day.” However, there’s no option to disable the Calendar virus notifications and that’s the main reason why this type of infection is considered as one of the most intrusive of the iPhone viruses. You simply cannot delete it by your own trying.

These questionable reminders appear seemingly out of nowhere. The Calendar spam may invite people to participate in various deals, sales, register to the dating portals, claiming prizes, and whatnot. Often people fall for clicking on suchlike iPhone ads as they are displayed by the legitimate Calendar app believing that they might have created such entries by themselves. 

Watch this video how to completely remove it.

Full Tutorial Removal of iPhone Calendar Virus

In most cases, users believe that the activity Calendar virus is related to malware, although it is not the case. In most cases, deceptive techniques (phishing email, fake alerts on suspicious sites, etc.) are used in order to add a calendar entry on iPhone or Android, or a malicious profile into these devices. Thus, the only way to get rid of these persistent Calendar spam messages is by deleting these entries. Remember, URLs like or should never be trusted.

Calendar virus may appear on many devices, including Windows/macOS desktop machines, as well as iPhone and Android phones. Users say that they have been infected with the iPhone Calendar virus and question the security of their devices because such alerts may seem either dangerous or related to malware.

I’m not sure if there is also Calendar Virus on the Android. Perhaps, you can also visit Reddit for more discussions.