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Your Own Video Intro Maker: Make Video Intro Using Movavi

Movavi Video Intro Tutorial

Movavi Video Intro Tutorial by AK-14

Ever thought why movie trailers have become such a valuable marketing tool? An Intro video is to a brand, what a trailer is to a movie. They are the representation of, “The first impression is the last impression.” We need a video intro maker and we want it free, as always.

An intro video gives the audience a taste of what the brand is about, what they can anticipate, and a glimpse of how it will function. Since it is the first thing that will connect the users to the company, it is crucial to get it right. 

So how to make a good intro? Do we need templates? Maybe, but you may pay for them. Can we do it online? I’m not so sure. Is there any video intro maker? Not sure.

The easiest way is to do own your own using Movavi Video Editor (one of my favourite editor). Check it out my tutorial guide on YouTube.

Creating videos is a complex task considering you have to manage various aspects of the process, from the creation of scripts, recording, and editing, to managing a YouTube channel.

However, you should know that paying attention to details may generate great transformations, and one of the main ones, when it comes to videos, is the intro.

Why is it important to make an intro for your videos?

An intro, as simple as it may be, already shows your audience that there’s a higher level of professionalism and dedication put into making your videos.

An intro works as a way to reinforce your brand, creating familiarity and increasing your authority on YouTube.

Creating an intro helps introduce, in a few seconds, your video’s subject, in addition to creating a positive expectation about what comes next.

You can use the intro as a narrative resource, especially for VLogs or videos guided by a story, such as essays.