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How to farm like a pro in Mobile Legends

Farming full explained

What does farm mean in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

In Mobile Legends, having more gold (Battle Points or BP) and experience would give you a tremendous edge over the opponents as you have more items to enhance your skills and abilities. Simply put, more farm equals more kills, and more kills will lead to a higher chance of winning the game. You must start farming in the jungle by killing the jungle animals.


To begin with, all you should be focusing on is farming fast. By that, we mean killing minions on the lane to get gold. The more minions you kill, the more gold you’ll get. Just like with League of Legends, a good farm can help you out level your opponents.

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It’s not just as easy as spamming the basic attack button to kill minions. You need to pay attention to each minion’s health so that you can get the final hit on it. If you miss the final hit, you won’t get any gold.

This is a skill in Mobile Legends and other MOBAs known as the last hitting. It involves predicting how much damage your minions will do and then hitting when the minion has enough health points left for you to kill.

If you already know about farming, you’ll already be off to a good start! If you don’t, get into a few games and spend the entire game killing minions to try and practice your ability to last hit them.

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Up until you get to level 3 or 4, you should focus on bringing in as many monsters kill as possible. After that, you can start attacking other players.

So, we have compiled some best videos on guide how to farm faster than anyone else especially your enemy and also with the best build and emblems set (tier list guide). It is not a hack or cheat.

But if you mastered all the guides, don’t be surprised if your enemy accuses you of cheating or hacking!

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New jungle guide

Mobile Legends currently in Season 15 and what’s more interesting it got new jungle monsters and buff.  It has the Red Buff, Blue Buff and Lithowanderer (I called it Pokemon!).  Don’t forget to watch this guide below to know better about the new jungle environment.

Featured Image Origin: Ask VeLL | YouTube