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15 top Malaysia local English song ever

Personal favorites that tattooed itself inside our brains

Last week when talking about music, my American friend asked me, “How’s Malaysian music like?”. I did answer, “It’s the same how do you feel when listening to your country music, but of course most of the song in Malay language LOL”. I also told her that we also got some outstanding English songs from the local band.

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So here is a playlist of my favourite Malaysian English songs ever. Most of the songs were old (but not that old!) and combine with the new songs. Hope you enjoy the playlist.

De Fam – Super Girls

Butterfingers – The Chemistry (Between Us)

Mizz Nina feat. Colby O Donis – What You Waiting For

Yuna feat. Usher – Crush

Shizuka – Redline

Mizz Nina feat. Flo Rida – Takeover

Butterfingers – Faculties of Minds

A.C.A.B – Freedom and Justice

Nick Qistina – Young Hearts

Disagree – Crumbs

Disagree – Suicide Note

Jason Lo – Operator, The Line is Dead

Bunkface – Through My Window

Too Phat – Anak Ayam Freak to the Beat

Cromok – Misty

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I think that’s all from the once top chart Malaysian English local songs. So what do you think about the songs and the singers? Actually, there is a lot of singer and band in Malaysia plays English songs. But most of all lets proud of our native language!

Featured Image Origin: Yuna Video Clip