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How to win in Mobile Legends

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Mobile Legends is a really fun mobile MOBA game despite it being a bit too similar to a certain other PC MOBA in the market. It has an intuitive control system, a good cast of heroes to pick from and an ever-evolving meta in its 5v5 online design.

Of course, the going will get tough as there are a ton of teams and players out there who will wreck you in Ranked. So I’ve decided to lend you a helping hand by getting some insights and pro-tips. It’s not your another Mobile Legends diamond hack, check it out.

Pick Top Mobile Legends Heroes

Always pick only top heroes such as Gusion, Lunox, Khufra and so so many out there. Don’t pick always got banned hero like Harith, Esmeralda, Lylia, X.Borg because of you rarely can play them in Rank Mode.

But actually, every hero has their own potential, just master your hero. Don’t ever play your training hero in Rank Mode.

Remember, you need to master several heroes in each type to rank up easier.

My personal favorite heroes are Lunox, Khufra, Granger, Moskov, Gusion, Aldous, Leomord and Thamuz.

Lunox Skin Bloody Mary.  Source:

Understand Your Roles On A Map

I feel that individual players must play the roles that he or she are more comfortable with in order to achieve the maximum output for the team. If you are comfortable with damage dealing and tanking, find other teammates who complement your playstyle.

You also have to understand how each hero works as well as their main roles. Farming and positioning when engaging enemies are very important for a marksman. Fighters need to learn to engage at the right time and on the right target. Farming faster than the other team is a bonus. For mage and support players: positioning and spell-landing at the right moment can change the tide of battle.

Tank players need to know how much damage their tank hero can take so that they know how long they can keep at it. Most importantly, every player in any role should always, ALWAYS be cautious about their positioning in fights, and at the same time have sharp map awareness. They should know when are the right times for taking objectives which are usually after winning a team fight or taking down important enemy roles.

Thus, I feel that the most important thing is that you must understand your role well. Players need to know how to fully utilize their roles. Examples include knowing when to either help out teammates or take objectives in the game, or dealing with the turtle or lord as a group.

Map awareness is a must.  Source: Solbash | YouTube

Tips For Beginners And Intermediate Players To Level Up Your Rank

Handling your position in the game is important. Always remember your position before engaging in a team fight. There are so many experienced players in the game. Checking out their previous games will be a benefit for you as you get to see how they manage their position to secure their victory in the game.

Teamwork in the game is vital. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing solo or as a team, teamwork is always needed.

Having map awareness is also a must. This allows you to know roughly where your opponents are during the game in order to avoid getting ganged by them and also to notice the time of spawning of neutral creeps.

Study your heroes and then learn how to pull off hero combos at the right time. Find out what their passive is good for.

Remember which roles are suitable for farming, as well as which roles that are suitable for engagements. You will be doing this quite frequently, so be alert.

Balance the picks in a team. For example, if there is already a marksman, please do not be greedy and pick another marksman. But actually there a several suitable composition teams. Always watch how pro players pick balance heroes in their game.

Study all the items and what they do in-game. You will need to change up your gear for every single match you partake in. If there are no fixed items needed, just experiment with them.

Watch other top players stream. You will learn to understand more about the heroes you use. Do copy their builds and how they farm on the map, as well as learn how that streamer works well with his or her team.

Bonus Tips

  • Avoid trash-talk, you will spoil your teammate’s mood and its wasting your time even for 2-3 seconds.
  • Don’t do ranked games when you don’t have a good and stable connection and make sure you.
  • Always check out Mobile Legends new hero.
  • Try to get each one of your heroes the Mobile Legends skin.
  • Go to Mobile Legends official website to get some updates, it might help you get better.
  • Have fun no matter what!


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