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2 remarkable soundtracks of Money Heist Netflix you should listen

Songs guaranteed to make you melt

First of all, Spanish crime drama Money Heist La Casa de Papel is one of the finest slices of TV on Netflix and you need to give it a chance.

We need to talk about Money Heist. The Spanish-language show on Netflix – known as La Casa de Papel (house of paper) in its native tongue – is one of the best shows on Netflix that too many people aren’t watching, despite being the streaming service’s most-watched non-English language show. I mean, it’s called Money Heist, which is one of the least compelling English-language names; and it’s in Spanish, which means you either have to watch subtitles (the horror), or listen to an unconvincing American-English dub (even more horror), where everyone sounds a little bored and a lot like they’re reading from a translated script. There are so many barriers to entry here that I wouldn’t blame you for never taking that first step into the world of Money Heist. But, in an irony that wouldn’t be lost on the show’s characters, you’re robbing yourself of one of the richest shows of the past few years.

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The plot focuses on a bunch of highly experienced, career criminals who follow a plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Well, rob doesn’t quite do it justice… We are trying to avoid spoilers here, but this isn’t a simple cash grab. There are hostages, political messages, psychological games, and a hell of a lot of interpersonal conflicts. The Dali-mask wearing heist crew are all under the guidance of a man who calls himself The Professor, the mastermind behind the robbery. He’s the character the whole series pivots on, although each of the criminals (and several members of the police) are outstanding enough to carry much of the screentime on their own. It’s rare to see so many watchable players in a single TV show, yet here they are, losing nothing in the translation either.

There are two songs (soundtracks) that really will melt you away.

My Life is Going On – Cecilia Krull (Intro)

Bella Ciao (Beautiful Goodbye)

“Bella Ciao” was sung by the anti-fascist resistance movement active in Italy between 1943 and 1945. The author of the lyrics is unknown; the music and spirit of the song are based on a folk song sung by rice-weeders on the River Po basin in the early part of the 20th century.

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Money Heist Trailer

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Did you know that the Bella Ciao song has a very long and fascinating history? Simply to say, it’s all about rebellion, anti-establishment sentiments, and La Resistance.

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