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PUBG Mobile: The 4 Items you must always have in your backpack

How to survive in unknown battlegrounds

One of the gameplay mechanics that make PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile more in-depth compared to other battle royale games is its backpack system.

By itself the system is pretty simple — you have a backpack that can only carry a limited amount of items — but its implications can make or break a match sometimes. Since you can only carry so much, you need to have the essentials at all times while discarding the less-useful stuff.

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Read on for the four items you must always have in your backpack:

First Aid Kits, Med Kits, and Painkillers

No matter how good you are at playing PUBG, you will take damage. But it’s a good thing that you can recover your health in the game, as such First Aid Kits, Med Kits, and Painkillers are some of the most important items in the game.

Sure, you might have the biggest guns around, but they’re of no use if you do not have enough health to stand in a gunfight long enough to use them.

Having a big stack of these healing items is always a great idea, no matter if you only need to use one or pop multiple packs to recover your health.

4x and 8x Scopes

Getting any degree of range for yourself is crucial if you want to have a good run. Scopes have both offensive and defensive uses, as they allow you to either scout your path for enemies lying in ambush or pick off an unsuspecting player from afar.

Try to always have two of both scopes at all times. While you may not need to always use both scopes, keeping them for yourself will deny others from having them and adds to your advantage.

5.56 Ammo

The 5.56 ammo type is used by almost all of the ARs in PUBG so you will need some at all times. They won’t always be readily available in all matches, especially when you ate playing with a squad, so hoarding them is not a bad idea.

The only good reason to drop these is when you don’t have a 5.56 weapon going into the second half of a game.

AR and Sniper Suppressors

These are, without a doubt, the most valuable attachments in the game. A suppressed AR or sniper changes the way you play and can tip the scales heavily in your favor.

Their value makes these attachments very rare, so always pick them up as soon as you see them.

Never drop these, even in the rare situation that you find two, as keeping both of them will deny others of their game-breaking benefits.

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