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Frozen Truth

The sad touched song about looking back on your mistakes

If only you could turn back time

People make mistakes, so do you, so do I and so to the people you love. What makes it more pain, you can’t recover that mistake and it keeps haunting you every day every night, same pain over and over again. But you know the best way to relieve your grieve is to listen to a song (songs about memories) alone in your room. I’m not telling you to keep that sad forever, but it’s hard to just forget, so be it.

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When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it; admit it, learn from it and don’t repeat it. Listen to a song is a part of learning and remember your mistake so you don’t repeat the mistake. I have one sad song in mind on this topic, and still, listen to it for many many years. Its lyrics and music are so touched and you should try to listen to it. The song is by Flaw – One More Time.

“One More Time”

There must be something you can recommend.
I’ve lost my faith in man again
So sick of trying to pretend.
Same pain over and over again
How much longer do you think we’ll stand.
So little left here to live for
By the time my life is at its end.

I want it back one more time
Let me try one more time.
Live my life one more time
We never seem ready for this

It keeps on haunting me day after day. Am I
going about things the right way
Which truth’s to pass and with which truth’s to say
It’s all so hard I’m just so damn afraid
Had about as much as I can take.
So little left here to live for
By the time my life is at its end.
I’ll want it back


I need the chance to live my life one more time
Give me the chance to live my life one more time


Flaw is an American nu metal band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band was formed by guitarist Jason Daunt in 1996.

A.D.A.M says

Happy people listen to the music and sad people listen to the lyrics but I listen to both. Yeah, sad quotes sometimes.
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