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28 coolest Peaky Blinders quotes and dialogue scene

Peaky Blinders deserved its crown

Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster TV series drama on the TV set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s. The dialogue is one of the main reasons to watch this great drama, and the coolest background scenery also. Steven Knight’s (creator and writer) words, as spoken by the top-class cast, are simply brilliant. Peaky Blinders cast, Cillian Murphy plays Tommy Shelby, the gang’s leader and supported by some well-known actors such as Tom Hardy, Adrien Brody and Aidan Gillen (it’s Petyr Baelish in Game of Thrones).

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This drama won several awards for some categories which are Best Director: Fiction, Best Photography and Lighting: Fiction, Best Actor in TV Series or Serial (Cilllian Murphy), Best Drama Series, Best Costumes Design Drama and some more. The overall reception of this series has been largely positive, with its notable praise for its writing, acting, visual style, and stylish cinematography.  How’s about that? If you’ve never seen it, it’s a worth try.

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The meaning of Peaky Blinders comes as popular usage of “peaky” as a descriptor for a horizontal cap with a peak, meanwhile, “Blinder” was a usual Birmingham slang term, used even to this day, to describe a dashing appearance. Other variations did say it derived from a tradition of stitching razor blades into the peak of their flat caps, which could be used as weapons. These hats were used as a weapon of choice for members. It is believed that members sewed razor blades into their caps so they could headbutt enemies, essentially blinding them. Yes, it is the real Peaky Blinders history.

The original Peaky Blinders back in the 1900s. Source: West Midlands Police Flickr

To hone your craving here’s a list of some of the most cutting quotes or dialogue scene hand-picked from Peaky Blinders, not your other quotes love ‘the collection’. Might useful in your boring life or you want to impress someone, take a look.

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1. “Lies travel faster than the truth” – Tommy Shelby
2. “Men always tell their troubles to a barmaid” – Grace Shelby (a bit spoiler)
3. “Tracks are lawless place. I can’t stand petty criminals” – Tommy Shelby
Cillian Murphy as Tommy (Thomas) Shelby. Source: Tim Cornbill Flickr

Grace Shelby: “Will we get to lay a bet?”

Tommy Shelby: “No, gambling is for mugs. You’re lucky you’re with me or you’d be wasting your money on fixed races”

Grace Shelby: “I always wondered, how do you fix a race?”

Tommy Shelby: “How should I know?”

Annabelle Wallis as Grace Shelby. Source: Eva Rinaldi Flickr

Tommy Shelby: “Would you dance?”

Grace Shelby: “If I’m asked properly?”

6. “Together we can beat them. Divided, may be not” – Tommy Shelby
7. “The difficulty with undercover work, Grace, is to remember what you are” – Chester Campbell

Tommy Shelby: “Here she is”

John Shelby: “She’d better under 50”

9. “I’m an old man and my heart’s battered vessel, but within, there still beats a fluttering pulse of a dream” – Arthur Shelby, Sr
10. “Nobody ‘works’ with me, people works ‘for’ me” – Billy Kimber
11. “The barrel needs changing” – Grace Shelby
12. “Alright look, Grace, I know you weren’t born to be with a man like me” – Tommy Shelby

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13. “Instinct’s a funny thing” – Polly (Elizabeth) Gray
14. “Nah, we women have more sense (rather than fighting)” – Polly (Elizabeth) Gray
15. “Let dog eat dog, let the beasts devour each other, and then we shall pick the bones” – Chester Campbell
Charlotte Riley as May Carleton. Source: bt_ist Flickr

Harry Fenton: “Will you be looking for her (Grace Shelby)?”

Tommy Shelby: “She’s in the past, the past is not my concern, the future is no longer my concern either”

Harry Fenton: “What is your concern?”

Tommy Shelby: “One minute, the soldier’s minute. In a battle, that’s all you get. A minute for everything, at once. Anything before is nothing, everything after, nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute”

It is Peaky Blinders Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons. Source: Gage Skidmore Flickr

Chester Campbell: “So it seems, you’ve broken two hearts, Grace”

Grace Shelby: “As well as my own”

18. “I learned long ago to hate my enemies, but I’ve never loved one before” – Tommy Shelby
19. “In these times of hunger and hardship, business is surprisingly good” – Tommy Shelby

John Shelby: “Polly, it feels a little bit to me like things are getting out of hand”

Polly (Elizabeth) Gray: “So get ’em in hand”


Tommy Shelby: “Good, write your address down for Finn (Shelby) on your way out”

Digbeth Kid: “I can’t write”

John Shelby: “That’s all right, Finn can’ read”


Polly (Elizabeth) Gray: “It’s all right that it’s me (to be Michael’s real mother), isn’t it?”

Michael Gray: ” I don’t have any choice. I mean, you are who you are, aren’t you? We don’t choose, and that’s it”

Adrien Brody as Luca Changretta. Source: David Shankbone Flickr

Derby Sabini’s Subordinate: “As I’ve explained, he’s not easy to get at (to kill Tommy Shelby). He’s got an army around him, but when the time is right..”

Derby Sabini: “The time is right, it’s right now”

24. “.. and when my judgment comes, I’ll be the one laughing” – Chester Campbell
25. “No one in this room wants to breathe the same air as anyone else” – Chester Campbell
26. “This place is under new management, by order of Peaky Blinders!” – Arthur Shelby, Jr

Grace Shelby: “What do you want from him (Tommy Shelby)?”

May Carleton: “Same as you (to be loved by Tommy Shelby), I want to feel alive”

28. “Intelligence is a very valuable thing innit my friend (Tommy Shelby), (but) usually it comes far too late” – Alfie Solomons

A.D.A.M says

Those are only until Season 3. It’s more to come and I’ll update it some other times also I can be your TV – guide if you want. Anyhow, I need to cancel my date tonight because I just realized I could be home alone watching Peaky Blinders.

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Featured Image Origin: Elliot Brown Flickr

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