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Which unusual course you should study?

If you have a unique passion, there's a passage for that

If your teacher ever challenges you “Are you sleeping in my class?” then you retorted some lines like this, “No, uh, a bug flew in my eye and I’m trying to suffocate it”, so you are our tough reader for this article.

A brief glance at some courses offered whether, in university or college, you would find a whole bunch of unusual and astonishing degree subject that can be a good icebreaking communication-starter at the feel-alone yourself in a bar. We’ve searched for some higher education landscape in certain countries and found out some courses that are unusual but worth to acknowledgment.

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Commonly, when we consider long hours spent in a university lecture, there is always one word come to our mind, can you guess? Yes, it is ‘boring’ or ‘dull’ or even ‘lifeless’. While higher scholarship can certainly hike your job anticipation and marketability, we are not assured about the aspiration of these 5 acutely unusual and immensely university or college course. Here we go and try to be decisive because there must be a reasoning why did something ever exist.

DJ Practice

Source: Will Scullin Flickr

Its full name course is Electronic Music and DJ Practice and can be applied at the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom. Using the finest and latest industry gear, you will master real-time mixing, remixing, sampling, and electronic improvisation while also learning how the industry works. Once you are graduated, you can make $100,000 a night for just pressing ‘play’ and ‘stop’ on your MacBook.

Circus Arts

Source: One Day Closer Flickr

We never thought there is a proper course in the circus world, but it really happens at Bath Spa University, United Kingdom. The undergraduate will delve into the history of the circus in relation to other performance, such as dance and theatre, and consider the processes and practitioners that inform a present-day approach to performance making in expansive terms, especially circus. Once accomplished, you can be seen performing at well-known festivals and top-class venues, as well as on TV and in some film. Sounds easy, let’s do it.

The Art of Walking

Source: Brian Evan Flickr

At the age of 65, our grandmother started walking 5 miles a day. She’s 92 now, we have no idea where she is now. There it goes The Art of Walking course in Centre College, USA and you can forecast you will be walking longer than you did. In reality, this course was primarily about seeking for the charm in nature and thinking about our being in the world in an everyday way. We are convinced the class will have the luxury of time to find out you can’t be bored walking.


Source: Byron Flickr

If you have ever heard Tarzan yell, then you have a bit of an idea what yodeling is. Yodeling is a unique type of singing that features a fast, repeated change from low to a high pitch. So how did yodeling get started? Academics believe that yodeling got started in the Central Alps of Switzerland. They think yodeling was a way for herders to correspond with their flocks of people from different suburbs to contact with one another. Yes, from the 2018/2019 academic year it will be possible to study yodeling to degree level in Switzerland which is at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, offering both a three-year bachelor’s and a two-year master’s degree in the alpine vocal technique. There are only planning to accept four students so the rivalry will be brutal.

‘The Hunger Games:’ Class, politics, and marketing

Source: Aidan Jones Flickr

Sure many of us have seen The Hunger Games film written by American novelist Suzanne Collins, but did you realize there are five economic lessons from this film? Here are five economic failures of The Hunger Games; Markets are more efficient than command economies, globalism only works if you ditch the extraction model, economic inequality is bad for business, war drains economic resources and technology can be used for good or evil. Get the feeling now why this course prevail? If you’re interested, there’s a class offered in American University in the USA which offers a broad look into the franchise. A course that scrutinizes the themes of this fictional dystopian universe.

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Congratulations to you here, if you actually picked up your phone and spoke with one of the university or college spokespeople. This might be a breakthrough for your life path.



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